For the times you felt you found something
worth giving all of you
Only to be let down in the end

The lover you trusted
and waited patiently to meet
To realize that when you finally did
they had already moved on

For the dreams that were never realized
failures that tore the very depths of you
made you question everything you believed
left you in a place with no way out

The mistakes that cannot be undone
the lies so easily omitted
like needles penetrating skin
stealing the sanctity you painstakingly built


Crystal clear eyes
Lips like a bud in bloom
Metallic hair and the wounds

A little sparkle
But deeper still a heart
Throbbing for the pain to heal

All the compliments like questions
Piercing inwards, healing outwards
Every change just a little bit of freedom
For a longing to fulfill

The glory is seen
Fanfare, regale the crowds
A child bleeding for release
All the beauty shattered


Even in closing breaths
mere seconds,
your lips I tasted

Could have held you longer
in a different place
a different time

Your little stumbles
tugging at my heartstrings
wishing I could keep you

It might never last
our petty arguments
need to have the last word

Our paths diverge
you, with balance and strength
me, uncertain pathways

A cradle for the life
we could have had
brimming white roses

The Awakening

If I had never laid eyes on you
seeing you wouldn’t have made any difference

If I hadn’t spent sleepless nights
trying to feed the desires you captivated
touching you wouldn’t have been cathartic

If I had never come this far
and given up at the first sign of failure
I’d never have looked into your eyes
or touched your face

I couldn’t go back to not knowing you
and all my unrest has magnified
for your presence is what I crave
your love, a safe harbour in my ocean.


Every road could end in failure
Every desire could end in tears
Every moment could be your ending
How crucial to weigh your fears

Any risk depends on consequence
Any victory includes loss
Any trial reveals some frailty
Be wary of unanimous applause

The moral is hardly collateral
The motive barely contorts
The mistake will fade convincingly
Truth equally reveals and distorts