My mind wants to believe
What my heart already feels
But you hide and duck and wink
Making me question what I think

Whether you see me as worthy
The sweet, the foolish and dirty
If you could ever see me by your side
Like I feel you beside mine

Fear only fear itself
Challenge anything that offers less
While you’re unsure if I’ll slip away
I’m only wishing you come along



It’s easy to see
How you refresh me

From a distance
I hear the sound of your movements
Every moment with you
Feels like drifting

To where?
If I could just feel your touch
Carve the contours of your face
In my mind

I watch
As you twist and turn through hazards
Chipping away at old stones
Crafting art

Am I a boat on your currents
The wind directing your course
An island inconsequential
Or the ocean

A river never ceases
It nourishes and sustains
If you have come to wash me away
My resistance is falling apart


Wet soil the shade of currants
Saplings in hues of jade
Puddles reflecting the sapphire firmament
Warmth from marigold star

Faint floats the heavy fragrance
Nameless blossoms drink the earth
Knowledge of the inevitable
Pod splits signaling birth

Tend the waning stalks with care
Invoking with the softest contact
Regard every flutter of hope
Silence in the face of sentience


On the wisp of a whim
Embroidered by a skeletal trim
Trinkets that clatter and clink
Splotches of red in the sink

Hair in shades of teal and rust
Corset snug around a shapely bust
Feet encased in straps of gold
Reminiscent of legends told

Bearing like the slopes of Halti
Regal nape masking levity
Penchant for the sparkly and morbid
Eyes like galaxies in orbit


In oceans
Lost my fear to drown
In reverence
Splitting me in half
In affliction
Only the meek survive
In depth
Weight of skipping stones
In reflection
An outline gleams
In deprivation
Further than the edges
In remembrance
Floating day dreams
In sincerity
I seek