Hook, Line and Sinker

Throw your line out to sea
Close your eyes and wish for me
Bait a fragrant flower on the tip
To pierce this delectable lip

Cast your net where the oceans meet
Your desire rouses me from my sleep
The love you possess serves as my radar
A worthy catch in any weather

Pull me in to the safety of your hold
The warmth of your care from the freezing cold
Savor me as your everlasting pet
A sweeter conclusion I could never get



Shades of green
Future yet unseen
Feet tap to a rhythm
Tears glisten

Diamonds on your skin
Love is worth the sting
Take the time to heal
Still rolling wheel

Fields of barley and wheat
Rebirth so sweet
Let down your hair
Believe if you dare


less effort, more feeling
less fuss, more revealing
less head, more heart
less noise, more instinct

That we would see eye to eye
In a crowd of distractions connect
Even a glimpse of recognition
To accept our fate

all revealed, sans deception
all involved, sans reserve
all surrender, sans conditions
all or nothing, sans excuse

It will be clear as daylight
Appearing as if from a storm
Eons lay wait for that moment
Our paths collide


It is that emotion
Always out of grasp
That steady gradual complete
Death of my self

I keep hoping
Searching for it in every smile
A kind word spoken
That secret closeness

Is it in a being?
A mass of nerve endings
Different shape and bearing
More than a reflection

I fall and fall and fall
Believing I’ve learned some lesson
How can I cease what I don’t understand?
Find what I haven’t known

There is no fear of flight
To savor every particle of another
Accepting even hatred
Passion that never rests


Naked she lies
Vacant inside
Mass of thoughts
Spliced neatly at the stem
Warmth fails to emit
Grunts of pleasure
Short of the summit
Gaze distant and calm
Skin like ice
Dazzling but harsh
Sucking in the light
Blind out the darkness
Questions nor answers
Suggestions or requests
Nothing is given
Zero fucks