XI Thou Shalt Not Knot

The difference between educating someone and trying to control their actions is bigotry. Yes, we all believe that our choices are better, but that is our opinion. You decide what’s good for yourself and let the next person make up their own minds. Can you imagine living in a world where everyone thought the same and did the same things? It would be miserable. There would be no variety or freedom. There needs to be balance.

Balance does not mean juggling two jobs at the same time, or allotting equal amounts of time for family and friends, or investing the same focus into fitness and fun. It is harmony between how you portray yourself to the world and how you think, feel, and relate to life. The inner workings of your mind and, if you believe you have one, your soul, in unison with the words you speak, the people you interact with, and your actions. You become a sell-out when these two parts of your being are completely out of sync and you can no longer differentiate between the obscure and the mainstream.

It’s funny how the counter culture has become the mainstream now. What was pushed to the fringes and considered taboo before has become totally acceptable to all. Not to call judgement on the freedom of expression, but just a reminder that it is harder to be relevant in a time where excess is the norm, and individuality is narrowed down to what kind of tattoos you have or how offensive you can be without being booked. The next big thing is just around the corner, and for those gullible enough to go with the flow they will have equally enthusiastic spokesmen ready to water down their potions, so you can slowly fade into the night.

Existence has watered down to survival of the richest. Wealth turns the wheels of the world, war keeps any hope of peace in check and work allows us the fantasy of retiring one day with a sizeable pension. Freedom is the blindfold we willingly accept, so we can continue slaving away to make ends meet, but for whose benefit?

The knots are firm and unrelenting, the more you struggle the tighter they get. You resolve to staying perfectly still so you might not be noticed, but you are already part of the procession. You get included in a conversation from those ahead of you, someone behind you invites you for lunch, up ahead you see the outline of your childhood sweetheart, you begin to find your rhythm. “This is fun, this is better than making decisions for myself, this is what I was meant to be.”

Balance is knowing where you stand when your world is falling apart.


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