Kushim’s Barley

These traders, I tell you, such forgetful numbskulls. Even after I suggested keeping the sacks in one godown for safekeeping, they continued dumping them wherever they found place. Obviously, they’ve misplaced some, and now they come demanding more sacks to make up for what they don’t have.

I, for one, have taken full care to keep my stores in order, so everything that is purchased or exchanged is numbered. The rats are a problem, but nothing like a few traps and some rat soup can’t fix. Mm-hmm. Rats fed on barley are quite something else. My missus says they taste like chicken. And we all know how specific that simile is.

Buying barley is not for the layman. You need to be shrewd to detect any kind of defect in the goods. Sometimes it’s too old to be of any use, other than fuel. But good barley is like gold. Not in worth, but in its uses. There’s barley that can be eaten as it is. There’s that drink you can make from it after fermenting it, which seems to have become a hit at parties, though I cannot grasp any earthly reason why. The liquid has a pale color, which is not very appetising. And there’s that strong smell that literally makes you giddy. And the taste? Don’t get me started. But the brewers in the town are getting richer by the day. Some people just don’t have a palate, I guess.

Anyway, back to business, it’s come to my notice that there is a huge demand for the product. This is good news for me, ‘cause my stocks should last me at least the next two years with some to spare. I think this will afford me time to devise some kind of record of what I own. It’s tiring trying to remember the exact figures of my wealth, all the while staying up to date with the latest shoutouts from the scribes and keeping my household in order. If only there was an established way to mark some kind of durable surface that could be referred to when needed. A reminder! Yes, that’s what is needed.

I think those clay tablets my wife uses in the kitchen should do the trick. Who’d have thought that could come in handy. Now, all I need to do is set down a set of symbols to represent what I want to record. Should think of something cool for my name. I could copy the shape of a fish bone and those pugmarks left behind by rabbits in the wild. Maybe a few lines similar to the armours these warriors are so dependent on. Ha, warriors my foot!

Hmm, this looks good enough. I’ll have to take it to the elders tomorrow and get it approved. Hopefully, they like these shapes and don’t make too much fuss about the kind of clay I’ve used. This quill should be hard enough to carve… “29,086 measures barley 37 months Kushim.”

* * *

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