Another 365 days of listening to voices that hold no value in the sum of things, but still have an effect on my well-being. Another misrepresented, misguided argument to confront, but no interest left to make an effort. It will pass and I will be much better off knowing I did not respond, or god-forbid, react. Life is potent.

All these creatures that fascinate me with their unpredictable ways, making me wish I had insight into their lives and how they function. We must seem so stressed to them. Rushing here, rushing there, creating all this waste and smoke and dust and sweat. Such delicate, beautiful creatures. Yet, they still ask me why I abstain from harming them. “Oh, but what about the plants?” they chime in. I smile and respond, “Yes, they need to be protected too.” I have no time for pointless arguments, or for making anyone think like I do.

All these invigorating trees. Their fragrant barks, their leaves softly rustling in the breeze, and birds finding safety in their branches. And all that shade.

Outside my window, there are rows and rows of houses. Some abandoned plots, a few trees I can count on my fingers and roads, so many roads, criss-crossing roads, flyovers, short-cuts, service roads, highways, dirt roads… and all the plants are cordoned off in a park, like convicts guilty of making the surroundings greener.

I need a change of perspective. I need some vision that does not include having an apartment in the city, overlooking the slums of the workers who built it. I need some work that involves making use of my capabilities without the expected monetary return in the process. I need a plan.

And so it is, and so it will be. The old will be shocked by the young. The present will infuse or diffuse the past. And the universe will bashfully reveal glimpses of the fabric of existence. We will stay inert, our eyes focused on our tablets, seat-belts choking our necks and elevator music playing in the background. We will not see it coming, we will never ever be ready, because we won’t know what to expect.

Those with faith will regroup to their shrines, those without it will aim their missiles at their enemies and retreat to their bunks. While some, the brave few, will watch from the treetops and peaks, hoping for a show like no other. Hoping for something better.