staircase becomes window becomes the last time anyone expressed doubt in atoms becomes late night walks never taken becomes opening wine bottles that never budge becomes nail cutters so finicky becomes fitness and the art of making salads becomes Orion insulting Ursa Major for its aliases becomes an open letter to the head of the Isis for ruining the name becomes headless deities of the Aztecs become flash mobs and flashing in public which might have the same motivation becomes placing bets on hounds that should be chasing game becomes Carl Lewis for breaking the 100-meter world record which no longer stands becomes pasta that makes it hard to claim vegetarianism becomes rolling in the grass on a hillside sure beats waking up at 6 am to go to work becomes hunting for houses that open out into nothing becomes playing the part of what could have been or having potential becomes all those designer clothes that weigh more than they’re worth becomes bouncing off a tire to make that dunk becomes childhood and the casual ignorance of everything for fun becomes old age that should be a time for rest but instead makes us fidgety becomes friends that pop out of nowhere expecting hugs becomes answering phone calls from a loved one that makes your voice smile becomes remembering the moment you realized your worth becomes art that is free becomes expressing thoughts through actions becomes muddling up your tenses to stay in the present becomes god must be so flamboyant becomes pressing buttons just to see what happens becomes feasting off the toils of our ancestors becomes recycling paper to make currency becomes the next big thing to trend becomes a road that might never end becomes skyscrapers that cause neck sprains becomes air that is no longer breathable becomes windowless houses with infinite spiraling staircases