Sometimes I think life is 99% what happens to you and 1% how you react to it. Nothing is really under one’s control. Yes, we might have gone through the rigmarole of choosing a career or even a compatible partner, but that does not ensure success or even continuity. Things just get in the way and we are left open-mouthed wondering how we didn’t see it beforehand.

It’s easy to find heroes and people who could inspire us. There are innumerable examples of people who have started off with nothing and achieved greatness. Hats off to them for sticking to their beliefs and making a difference. But what of living up to your own self? What of living up to your beliefs and principles, and fighting to the very end to stay true? What of looking up to yourself?

Regarding potential we should remember that what is important is not what we could have been, but what we hope to become. Of all the varied fields of human interest; of all the diverse tangible pursuits of existence; what path does one choose?

Wealth is a very lucrative proposition in the equation, because it offers stability, respect, and the luxury of spoiling oneself. There is nothing wrong with this. It is a very basic need. Fame and popularity is an even more alluring prospect, for the simple fact that it gives us all the attention we need. This is acceptable too. No harm in having people lording it over others. It is necessary. Lastly, there is the question of meaning. And out of the many who follow this path, only a handful ever find fulfilment. Because this is where dreams are realized or broken. Vision is overcome or bears fruit.

Consider the most misused and least understood aspects of life: Time. The earth’s rotation, tides, nature and more recently mechanical contraptions give us a pretty decent grasp of this anomaly. If we quarantined time for a while and made it inactive, would it in anyway affect how the universe functions? Think about it. This fanatical obsession our species has developed of following a certain routine is based on the most illogical of reasons: Light and dark.

Our little tiny planet, with our infantile thought processes, and some of us still can’t get past our gods.


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