A reaction away

Emotion: Our greatest strength is also our weakness. Love, hate, fear, joy, compassion, sympathy, sadness, confusion, doubt, anxiety, anticipation, nervousness, frustration and so on. Easy to experience, yet in most cases difficult to control. And there lies the dilemma. To emote or not to. To suppress or express.
We all have innumerable experiences where an excess of emotions has got us into trouble, and more often than not most of what is labelled as “crime” in civilized society has been a case of someone taking something too far. Of course, there is the cold, clinical precision of some deviants which seem to lack any feeling, but if you think about it, nonchalance and detachment are also emotions of not giving a damn.
The flaw in any kind of negative emotion like envy or hatred is that it tends to harm as it reveals itself outwardly. And this is the danger of any emotion. It’s potency to damage and cause rifts. So, where can one safely draw a line where any emotion crosses over into malevolence?
Anger that turns into violence is a clear case of tempers getting out of control we can all agree. But what about the harsh word spoken by a friend or stranger? Sometimes the person at the receiving end doesn’t even register the damage at first. Only later when the tension of the situation has diminished, do the stings of the ordeal start to show, but by then it’s too late, ’cause the damage has already been done.
One cannot undermine the dangers of the two-edged sword that is emotion. It can either carve out a path for you that is effective and rewarding, or it can slice you to bits and leave you in ruins. Impose, suppress or express, you choose. Just don’t let your impulses get the best of you.


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