Dare I be free from the statutes of man
Be so impudent to presume I don’t need sanction
Throw away the sentence to be productive and multiply
Allow myself to seek only that which is fleeting
Would that change the outcome or lessen the weight
Of trying to reach a standard only relevant to me
A solution to end the stream of coincidences, which consist life
If so, state clearly, what is your question?

Doth the wills of the estranged be considered offensive
Every stab at seeking reparation be blatantly denied
In the heat of battle, might the deserter choose middle-ground
Betray what his life has culminated to without care
Of being maligned and ridiculed for not fulfilling his duty
To a cause he no longer feels expresses his views
Doth a man still need to justify his every waking
If you insist, confess, where is the gratification?

Delve then in the distractions your mind is inclined to
Wrestle any obligation that would wean you from delight
Curtail all quixotic aspirations that undermine your effort
Give yourself room to be crushed and take it in stride
Let your strengths be expressions of your weakness
Pursue goals reaching further than success defines
Savor every breath with indiscriminate indulgence
Engender is the answer, there is no question


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