Must’ve been the dust settling
I can see clearly

Open doors, I don’t need a ceiling
You laugh, your fingers still trembling
From all that you hold
I’d like to leave you

How it all fails to inspire
The briefest instant
Everything’s perfect
You shouldn’t have hesitated

Feel the wind in my hair
Clouds part
Cease to be

Chirping birds and wind chimes
Hazy sunlight, cup of tea
Smell of wet soil, hint of jasmine
Rustling leaves whisper

The pains of saving face
Finding place
In an ocean of doubt
Plagued by guilt of seeking
Peace unconditional
Love leaves its mark in the end
While we’re still waiting to believe

Further on and then upwards
Currents too strong to disagree
Clinging to a destination distant
Laying all at stake

Must’ve been my fears dispersing
I remember me


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