Words, or is it just the ideas they represent? It’s a literal world we live in. Nothing is taken seriously unless it is labelled with a word, with a movement, with regular demonstrations to show unity. We have the religious, who only identify with their belief, who see life through the one-sided view that they are serving god’s purpose on earth. We have the niche sections of society who boycott certain things they find unacceptable and make it a point to shove their opinions down everybody else’s throat. How this kind of thinking ever brings results is beyond me. We also have the voices of the repressed who gather in communities and strategize how they intend to reach their varied goals of feeling accepted by society.

We all need our distractions, but when does an idea become so prominent in our lives that it undermines the very fabric of who we are? Human beings. We can support a cause, we can propagate our beliefs, we can claim to be wiser than everyone else, but so can the next person. Our freedom to follow our inclinations applies to every other person on the planet equally.

Many would bring the question of morality into the equation at this point, to argue that uninhibited freedom can only lead to flagrant abuse of power and misconduct. True. We tend to lean towards harming one another more than building each other up. Yet, any other kind of allowance will only be discriminating against another section of society.

Is the curtailment of liberty the only solution? A society where one can express their opinions in a safe environment only after making it clear that they don’t intend to attack or oppose any other ideology. This would be completely pointless. Keeping one’s beliefs to oneself would bring better results. Maybe this is what the world needs more of: Humans who acknowledge that they are accountable to no one as long as they refrain from harming others. Wouldn’t that be a more civilized and just society? A world where we learn to handle our own affairs and only seek to change things that could enable us to live peacefully with one another.

It is something worth considering that we can bring about lasting change by not trying to mould everything around us to reach our single-minded ends. Life is more than finding a place where we can be ourselves. There are people around us to consider. If one of us is in distress, what worth is any victory?


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