The Modern Nitwit

Aye, got my iPhone 6s, I
got my Louis Vuitton satchel, ey
Got my nifty little platinum card
My GoPro and my selfie stick
Found some place to stick it

Aye, got an internship in tinsel town
I, gonna be the next Miss Universe
Aye, need some contacts instead of glasses
I, got my shih tzu and a fake tan
Aye, can’t eat anything with gluten
I, need pills so I can exist
Can’t be sad, get a facelift

Aye, got my insurance, now need mutual funds
Keep the money flowing, life’s got no refunds
I, believe in working out so my clothes can fit
Aye, got the LCD, now need the gold teeth
I, guns and dope should be legit
Aye, revolution for the masses
I, non-confirming is the biggest sin
Aii, need a fix for my plastic grin


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