What does one do when the need to impress others, let alone oneself, no longer matters? I suppose it would be practical to take a moment to introspect and understand what this actually means. Some would conclude it’s a sign of apathy, others a lack of ambition, but I think the diagnosis is closer to contentment.

Great, that makes it seem convenient at least. What then? Is it all over. Does one lay down his or her sword, build a coffin and recite three Hail Mary’s and one Om Shanti Om? I would hope not. That seems so reckless and final. Why not bask in this window of self-assuredness and lack of responsibility as long as it lasts? That would be more fun.

Now, we can’t just leave it at that, can we? Of course not! That would contradict all of mankind’s tendencies to meddle or bungle things up. So, here’s how we approach the construction of our own downfall.

First, dig deeper to find some unfulfilled longing or fantasy. Next, strategize how impossible the actualization of said goal would be. Third, leaving all caution behind, begin reorganizing your life to make it more difficult to return to safety. You’re all set now.

It is a simple life that begins with birth, cycles through puberty and adolescence, crashes into adulthood without a clue of one’s state of mind. Then nature begins to take a toll and the body begins to deteriorate. If you’re lucky you gather all that is important to you and save it on a hard drive, because chances are you will forget most of what you learned in the past.

A day will come when everything you once considered stood for who you are, no longer represents what you’ve become. Something new and completely unknown has taken over this shell of flesh and bones you inhabit. This could be an amazing experience for some, while for others it could be disastrous. It’s all a matter of acceptance.

There is contentment and then there’s a belief that there is something better and more wonderful out there, waiting for some cataclysmic event to happen. Which is better, you ask? I don’t care, I’m enlightened.


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