It’s not your eyes
You don’t have to look
It’s not your hair
All though long is good
It’s not the ear-ring, the nose-ring
the necklace, the bangles
It’s none of those

It’s not your voice
It’s not the size of your hips
It’s not the clothes
You spent an hour to pick out
It’s not your heels, or your flats,
or your pumps, or ballerinas

It’s not the job you retain
Not the house you own
Not the car, not the bike
Not the injustice you fight
It’s not your diet
The number of drinks you can down
It’s not the color of your skin

It’s your wisdom
Your courage
It’s the way you overcome your fears
And smile at fooflishness
It’s your mind that computes
That sees behind the surface
Senses what is seldom stated

It is concern for creation
That adorns a woman


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