Of A Girl

You came into this world helpless
Crawling on fours of needy
Sometimes you were thought a burden
The expenses nulling all reason

You learned from the start to compete
Little chores, your brothers never got
Juggling your books and learning to cook
For one day you’d make a man proud

You realized you had a role to play
A woman should behave such and such way
Be polite, be respectful, submissive, invisible
Your usefulness, your desires outweighed

If you were lucky you were allowed to work
While your parents looked for a suitable match
But earning a livelihood made you independent
Your dreams no longer seemed distant

Slowly, you carved out a place for yourself
Not a wife, a mother, a sister, or liability
But a girl, a woman, a vision of determination
You’d trailblaze a way to your goals

The world still makes you feel helpless at times
Setbacks shaking the floor under your feet
But you carry all your expectations in stride
Mindful of your worth, your path, your destiny


2 thoughts on “Of A Girl

    • I know some women still face these obstacles, but challenges have never made anyone weaker. 🙂

      I didn’t disappear. I just needed some time to take care of myself, which I forget to do sometimes. I thought I lost contact with you, too. I’m glad that’s not the case.


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