Cat n’ Mouse

She walks in
His breath catches
And brain switches off
If she only knew
The effect she has

She catches his eye
Knows he’s gonna walk over
Spots a good friend
So he won’t catch her alone


He only see’s her
His legs move of their own accord
Taking him closer to the source
Of this lack of awareness
How could he express what he feels

She reaches out her hand
To stop him and make it seem professional
He smiles and compliments her dress
She’d look good in anything, he knows
She thanks him and blushes
Says she has to greet others
Walks away

His gaze lingers on her frame
Till he realizes he’s staring and turns

Her clothes feel too tight
A sweat has broken down her neck
Mouth is dry
She grabs a drink to calm her nerves
The sting snaps her back to reality
She scours the faces for his
He’s at the door


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