Humanity’s Hope

(Warning: Might contain triggers)

ItWasn’tMe: Hi… <chuckles>
WonderWoman: Hi.
IWM: I was checking you– Sorry, I just wanted to congratulate you for what you’re doing.
WW: What am I doing?
IWM: Uh… Standing up for the cause and all that…
WW: Ah, thanks. Are you new here? Haven’t seen you before.
IWM: <chuckles> Yes, yes, I’m new. Brand new, you know. <winks>
WW: Hmm…
IWM: I came here just to get an idea of what this whole thing is. You said some interesting things.
WW: Thanks.
IWM: Anyway, I was wondering, are you like androgynous or something. I mean, no disrespect if you are. But I was just… wondering… ’cause you’re really fit, and I wasn’t sure…
WW: I’m all woman.
IWM: Oh. <laughs> Yes, of course. Silly me. Great body, great body. I just thought… <giggles> Silly, silly…
WW: So you support our cause?
IWM: And what would that be?
WW: You know, equal rights to all. Love everyone the same. Kill the bad guys.
IWM: Seriously? Kill the bad guys? I didn’t know this was that kinda cause.
WW: I’m joking.
IWM: I see. Well, if you were representing the cause of course I’d support it.
WW: What do you mean?
IWM: I respect your intelligence. And I– I admire your beaut– bravery.
WW: Hm.
IWM: No, really. I like a woman who thinks for herself. Like you. I’m a feminist, you know. Richard Gere’s been my hero since childhood.
WW: He’s a feminist?
IWM: No, he said he’s a lesbian.
WW: You’re a lesbian.
IWM: <chuckles> I wish– I mean, no, no, I like lesbians. I mean, I think lesbians are feminists and women can love other women. Honestly, I think it’s quite hot, too. You know what I mean.
WW: Actually, I don’t. What are you talking about?
IWM: Equality. In the workplace, the bedroom and in the White House.
WW: Here we go.
IWM: Really, that Trump guy is putting all mankind to shame.
WW: I’m glad you feel so strongly about it.
IWM: Someone ought to put him in his place.
WW: Funny you should say that, ’cause I’m actually on my way there now. Wanna help?
IWM: What? Americistan? I didn’t mean do something right now. I have an appointment at B-Blunt at three. They won’t reschedule. Huh. You know how these hairstylists are. They think they’re celebrities or something.
WW: Your hair is more important than the status of women in America.
IWM: Phew. Girl, you don’t know the half of it. Do you have any idea about the waiting list some of these salons have.
WW: I think I have better things to do.
IWM: Precisely. You’ve got a nice do by the way. Where did you get it? Needs some finishing touches, but whatever works, right? <laughs>
WonderWoman: I’ve gotta go.
ItWasn’tMe: So soooonn…. Hit me up on facebook, okay. Ta…


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