Getting too old for this
But can’t help it
It’s not wherever, whenever, whoever
Nay, someone with that spark within

Keeping their distance
Yet still managing to emit warmth
I unknowingly wander in

Catch a hint of a smile
A subtle straying of eyes to look
I’m aware, but unaware
So I wait till we’re alone
In a taxi, dropping me off
on your way home

We speak at the same time and pause
Then talk about what we do, what we like
How we prefer traveling alone
How you’re disappointed for not finishing the climb
I laugh and ask what’s your star sign
Find out it’s the same as mine

Soon, too soon, my stop arrives
I haven’t got your number
‘Cause my cellphone died
I ask you to spell our your surname
Hoping you’ll entertain my idea
to repay in kind

We say goodbye
A meeting, there may be another
It’s all up to fate as always
Or maybe it’s a passing phase


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