Love is never a mistake
Even if it ended in pain
Or you wished you never met
Closed that door before
It was burnt
Your happiness never returned

Love is never by chance
Maybe it began on a whim
Pretty girl with radiant smile
Dashing boy with a voice like wine
It bloomed in folly of youth
Compromises firmly taken root
Till somewhere along reality intruded
Revealed the flaws you’d carefully avoided

Love is never in vain
Even the weak find courage to stand
If allowed to dwell
It will germinate where you fell
Nurture you from despair to delight

Love is our reflection
That which is within flows out
Whether from faith or stories
Visions of future glories
Ethereal without a doubt

Love is our salvation
Words that can’t be taken back
What moves us to reach out
Unaware of what we still lack
Oblivious to an idea we can’t fathom


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