On the Wings of Halcyon

Acceptance of all things – that is peace. Whether it be tragedy that takes lives or failure in one’s personal undertakings, the only way to rid oneself of fear, anxiety or disappointment is to submit to whatever happens. It wouldn’t be too far from the truth to conclude that finding peace is a selfish pursuit. A certain lack of empathy is required to push all concern for others aside and continue meditating to achieve enlightenment.

Even then a mind that is focused on peace is preferable over one that reacts to every situation randomly. The latter is volatile and prone to cause damage or harm, while the former is always controlled and seeks to diffuse any kind of danger. To put it simply, those who choose peace over their primal inclinations are predictable and contradict the most basic laws of nature: Survival. There is a sense of self-preservation in the way their goal is pursued, but the motive is more universal than subjective.

The belief that everything happens for a reason and that even the smallest grain plays a vital role in the sum of all things is a pretty radical concept. Let alone trying to bring such trivial occurrences into perspective, there is not enough time or resources to catalog every aspect of our existence. Yet without grasping this most irrational of theories, there is no way of justifying the necessity of peace.

Life is a beautiful mystery. Faith, love, generosity and integrity are admirable qualities, but they are not separable from hate, deceit, violence and depravity. They exist side by side and counterbalance every action and reaction around us. Peace traverses these minefields and is a most skillful of arts. Its vulnerability isn’t chaos, but morality. For where there is peace, there can be no doubt.


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