“What’s the color of love?” she asked. I replied, “Violet, intense and unquestioning.” She snorted a laugh and joked, “I always thought it was red. You know, red hearts and balloons and Valentine’s Day… All that (in a french accent) passion.” We had been sitting on a bench facing a little lake in the park, […]

Ver 3.0

It simply stated “Ceasefire ceased, member states stationed at summit summoned home.” Within 24 hours all cable connections and internet services were shut down and 91.9 FM employees were all fired. Just like that. I suppose All India Radio, too, but who listens to them? Most refugee camps were vacated overnight, leaving empty tents in […]


As the sunlight streamed through the open window, he remembered the sheen in her hair. The echo of a falling hammer from the building coming up a street away brought back memories of his heartbeat every time she was near him. Close enough for secrets, things he knew she never told anyone. It made him […]

Kushim’s Barley

These traders, I tell you, such forgetful numbskulls. Even after I suggested keeping the sacks in one godown for safekeeping, they continued dumping them wherever they found place. Obviously, they’ve misplaced some, and now they come demanding more sacks to make up for what they don’t have. I, for one, have taken full care to […]