Naked she lies
Vacant inside
Mass of thoughts
Spliced neatly at the stem
Warmth fails to emit
Grunts of pleasure
Short of the summit
Gaze distant and calm
Skin like ice
Dazzling but harsh
Sucking in the light
Blind out the darkness
Questions nor answers
Suggestions or requests
Nothing is given
Zero fucks


You are your body, 
your emotions, your mind 
If you give it away without a thought 
Its purity will soon be lost

What was beautiful will become a chore 
You will use it to get where you want to go 
Reaching for the innocence you had before

Go through the motions to catch 
a glimpse of what you once felt 
But your flesh has lost touch with itself 
Dangling between expectations that can’t be met

The bodies now pile like corpses 
Names and faces you can’t recall 
Their lust you mistake for affection 
Their deceit you take as reward

Until the act is just a routine 
A game to keep them hooked 
You give hoping you’ll get back 
Something you once forsook

What you value is what they pine for 
Given freely it holds no worth 
What is earned is what stays precious 
Everything else mere trodden dirt


Crystal clear eyes
Lips like a bud in bloom
Metallic hair and the wounds

A little sparkle
But deeper still a heart
Throbbing for the pain to heal

All the compliments like questions
Piercing inwards, healing outwards
Every change just a little bit of freedom
For a longing to fulfill

The glory is seen
Fanfare, regale the crowds
A child bleeding for release
All the beauty shattered


Your tiny piece of heaven
Spread your message and keep dry
You’re always right, I know
We need to follow
p.s. space is endless

Every open grave will witness
The sun rises to your greatness
All are equal to your law
Perfect to a flaw
p.s. faith is blindness

A pinch of salt to season with
Ears all knotted by your sensibilities
Your reasons stand the test of time
Beauty so sublime
p.s. more is less

Taking Sides

Where lies the blame?
With governments supporting wars
And civilians bashing propaganda

If dying for a cause makes you a martyr
And dying for a creed: A saint
What does dying for nothing invoke?

Bold states the headline
120 dead, maybe more
Responsibility still unaccounted for

Focus shifts to the world at large
Everyone’s a target it seems
Surviving our daily routines