Ver 3.0

It simply stated “Ceasefire ceased, member states stationed at summit summoned home.” Within 24 hours all cable connections and internet services were shut down and 91.9 FM employees were all fired. Just like that. I suppose All India Radio, too, but who listens to them? Most refugee camps were vacated overnight, leaving empty tents in […]

Humanity’s Hope

(Warning: Might contain triggers) ItWasn’tMe: Hi… <chuckles> WonderWoman: Hi. IWM: I was checking you– Sorry, I just wanted to congratulate you for what you’re doing. WW: What am I doing? IWM: Uh… Standing up for the cause and all that… WW: Ah, thanks. Are you new here? Haven’t seen you before. IWM: <chuckles> Yes, yes, […]