A paper with your name on it
number of years spent preparing
for where you’ll work
not to make you understand yourself better
or sharpen the skills you deem worth

Employee in the chain of productivity
first in line gets to smirk

You’ve made it
stepped over your peers
overcame the competition
now you order everyone around
make them toil for your gain
last to grab gets to beg

Piles of paper, endless texts
all in theory, nothing effects
press the buttons, stare at screen
watch where your friends have been
bills to buy junk
homes for deals sunk
pay the banks till your dying day

A paper with no name on it
life shouldn’t be to find your fit
a wager then to pause the flow
you’ll only know if you let go


That our minds always meet
between cliffs of bygone defeat
That our love rises above
petty differences of doubt
That our passions connect
enriching all that we possess
That our will fuses into one
mirrored by harmonious conviction
That our words always uphold
allowing each other to be bold
That the sanctuary we erect
is founded on mutual respect
That our fears are out in the open
broken down by the intimacy of our union
That every moment we’re apart
is preparation for the life we’re planning


How are you? Has life been bearable?
Yes, time’s are hard
If you can’t keep up you’ll fall behind
Probably get trampled by someone
Hurrying to win the race
Make the best of what they have
We can’t expect others to change for us
No matter how helpless we feel
How much we empathize
We are bound to be ignored
Misunderstood and despised
That is no excuse to stop
We must live what we believe
We must give even if it’ll never return
And there’s no harm in hoping
Though that shouldn’t be the goal
Among the many maybe one will benefit
And someday when you’re in need
They’ll be there to lend a hand
With utmost care
Yours sensitively

Worth Saving

These shifting sands of time
Still bleeding for things unkind
Pleading to be released
From hatred now deceased
Forgiveness bequeaths peace
Reconciliation redeems love

A tiny thing
To own our fate
In the face of defeat
We choose retreat
Ignoring the lesson learnt
The wisdom gained
From dreams that burnt

On smoky pyres
We lay down sacrifices
To gods of passing gains
When hidden within us
Rusts the key to unlock our chains

Essence then Relevance

If I had the answers to all of life questions
Would I be any happier than those finding their way
If I had everything I could ever desire
Would I be more satisfied than those that toil for a wage
If I had good looks, great friends and connections
Would I be a better person than those that don’t have any
If I traveled the world and made memories for a lifetime
Would I have succeeded while others have chosen to stay
If all my achievements and accolades made me a celebrity
Would I be more at peace than someone who gave it all away
If those I loved had given up and abandoned me
Would I be more self-assured than those who think they aren’t worthy
If my motive was to make the best of every opportunity
Would that justify compromising my principles or make me a soulless effigy.