Visions of your serenity
Haunt my dreams

Fingerprints float around me
Petals that soften my footfalls

Twinkle in your eye
Innocence to wait for touch

Twist in a pirouette
To a soundtrack I crave

Laughter of forest brooks
Pulling me from the depths

Embracing life without fear
A kiss worth countless deaths


So much for lost opportunity
Filigree sparkling in the moonlight
So much for feigned interest
Phone numbers of no significance
So much for pity parties
Conversations thrown to the wind
So much for chasing happiness
Self-indulgent ignorance
So much for piqued curiosity
Another puppet dangling
So much for social interactions
Noose tightening throat
So much for prosaic language
Limited by grammatical lunacies
So much for adhering to a code
The marrow losing taste
So much for taming the serpent
Hate in the air we breathe
So much for finding a place
Shedding skin to confirm
So much for human excellence
A ripple in an ocean

So much for hypocrisy and mistrust
The steady march of truth
So much for blinded capitalism
Seeds of conscience take root
So much for the tortured and maimed
A pointing out of the guilty
So much for stolen childhoods
Hands to steady, hearts to sustain
So much for vengeance
Deities of the condemned
So much for cries of help
A softening of hardened wills
So much for love that fails the test
Patience to make amends
So much for counting your losses
Nothing’s lost in living
So much for being the difference
Open minds translate into action
So much for understanding responsibility
A revolution of little steps
So much for failures of the past
Rewrite them today


Though our eyes have never met
Put away the things you left
Celebrate this second chance
Tired feet begin to dance

May there be peace when you awaken
May there be hope in your life
May there be peace when you awaken
You and I both know
Miracles happen

Give yourself to the moment now
I will learn if you show me how
There’s no need to think this through
You’ve become what you needed to