On the wisp of a whim
Embroidered by a skeletal trim
Trinkets that clatter and clink
Splotches of red in the sink

Hair in shades of teal and rust
Corset snug around a shapely bust
Feet encased in straps of gold
Reminiscent of legends told

Bearing like the slopes of Halti
Regal nape masking levity
Penchant for the sparkly and morbid
Eyes like galaxies in orbit



Meet me in that space
Between stars they haven’t named
Meet me on that line
Marking safety and risk
Meet me when you’ve lost all hope
But still believe in miracles
Meet me at fate’s door
Where there are no accidents
Meet me where the sun doesn’t set
And every moon is our time
Meet me because you feel me
Aching to have you close
Nearer, nearer, here

Meet me where vacant
Is now full
Meet me in spite of every failure
Making you doubt yourself
Meet me at that moment of disbelief
Reach out to know I’m real
Meet me knowing every possible outcome
Isn’t worth never trying
Meet me in fields of inconsequence
We can roam and never get tired
Meet me in those silences of peace
Alive but still dreaming
Dearer, dearer, pure


Words that vindicate
Truthful paths never decay
Inscriptions on ancient winds
Dispersed to defend

Emotions without vocabulary
Piercing layers of fallacy
Resplendent in vulnerability
Tainted but divine

Melodies of memory
Notes to placate the weary
Sparkling pitches to decipher
Witness brilliance filter


You are your body, 
your emotions, your mind 
If you give it away without a thought 
Its purity will soon be lost

What was beautiful will become a chore 
You will use it to get where you want to go 
Reaching for the innocence you had before

Go through the motions to catch 
a glimpse of what you once felt 
But your flesh has lost touch with itself 
Dangling between expectations that can’t be met

The bodies now pile like corpses 
Names and faces you can’t recall 
Their lust you mistake for affection 
Their deceit you take as reward

Until the act is just a routine 
A game to keep them hooked 
You give hoping you’ll get back 
Something you once forsook

What you value is what they pine for 
Given freely it holds no worth 
What is earned is what stays precious 
Everything else mere trodden dirt


There is that moment 
When you know something’s changing 
Within you 
And you’ll never be the same again

Whatever the catalyst 
You feel you’re being reborn 
From pupa to butterfly 
Unfurling your wings

It doesn’t matter then 
What’s left behind 
That stage was an experience 
In discovering you

Life only seeks permission 
To believe in what you deserve 
Every desire need not be quenched 
Regardless, the courage to seek more