“What’s the color of love?” she asked. I replied, “Violet, intense and unquestioning.” She snorted a laugh and joked, “I always thought it was red. You know, red hearts and balloons and Valentine’s Day… All that (in a french accent) passion.” We had been sitting on a bench facing a little lake in the park, […]

A reaction away

Emotion: Our greatest strength is also our weakness. Love, hate, fear, joy, compassion, sympathy, sadness, confusion, doubt, anxiety, anticipation, nervousness, frustration and so on. Easy to experience, yet in most cases difficult to control. And there lies the dilemma. To emote or not to. To suppress or express. We all have innumerable experiences where an […]

XI Thou Shalt Not Knot

The difference between educating someone and trying to control their actions is bigotry. Yes, we all believe that our choices are better, but that is our opinion. You decide what’s good for yourself and let the next person make up their own minds. Can you imagine living in a world where everyone thought the same […]