Wave calls to shore
Receding till the emptiness shows
Then yearning as fingers close
A union so thunderous roars

Winter and springtime, seasons of a lifetime
Sparks that turn into cleansing forest fires
Volcanoes that simmer to cold stone
Reach within to return home


Visions of your serenity
Haunt my dreams

Fingerprints float around me
Petals that soften my footfalls

Twinkle in your eye
Innocence to wait for touch

Twist in a pirouette
To a soundtrack I crave

Laughter of forest brooks
Pulling me from the depths

Embracing life without fear
A kiss worth countless deaths


be open, feel
fall down the stairs, get hurt
answer the phone with a “bye”
take chances

miss your stop, walk home
fall in love, get up again
you are not your weakest tragedy
but a phoenix, so burn

with a light, so no one can see
pick their pockets
buy a ticket randomly
throw all the junk out
shoes and a book are all you need

when you are tired, rest
when you are hungry, eat
when you are lonely, speak

it’s a twist in your story
one you’ll look back on someday
and wonder
was it really that easy
i just had to survive

be vulnerable, believe


Surely our paths were interwoven
Broken bridges floating upward
Defying every hasty decision
Whatever’s left still hurts

Move forward to find your bearing 
Leave behind the barren desert 
You cannot stop the ship from sinking 
Tarry not for fate to avert

The heart feels most in silence 
Mind mulls over outcomes inert 
Your will leads you in one direction 
The wind proclaiming an imperative rebirth


For the times you felt you found something
worth giving all of you
Only to be let down in the end

The lover you trusted
and waited patiently to meet
To realize that when you finally did
they had already moved on

For the dreams that were never realized
failures that tore the very depths of you
made you question everything you believed
left you in a place with no way out

The mistakes that cannot be undone
the lies so easily omitted
like needles penetrating skin
stealing the sanctity you painstakingly built