A paper with your name on it
number of years spent preparing
for where you’ll work
not to make you understand yourself better
or sharpen the skills you deem worth

Employee in the chain of productivity
first in line gets to smirk

You’ve made it
stepped over your peers
overcame the competition
now you order everyone around
make them toil for your gain
last to grab gets to beg

Piles of paper, endless texts
all in theory, nothing effects
press the buttons, stare at screen
watch where your friends have been
bills to buy junk
homes for deals sunk
pay the banks till your dying day

A paper with no name on it
life shouldn’t be to find your fit
a wager then to pause the flow
you’ll only know if you let go


Dream without beginning
Begging to be woken
Woven like a web
Weakly resist

String a windchime
Meandering riverbed
Edema constriction
Only temporal

Always falling over
Erstwhile conquests
Tsar a decree
Eerie inventory

Rye or irrational
Alcoves snugly fit
Iterate it’s make-believe
Ever the skeptic