If I were kinder to myself
Maybe I could look in the mirror
And not see the flaws
Others have pointed out
Or made reference to
Without stopping to ponder
How carefully my soles touch the ground

If I were over confident
Maybe the mirror wouldn’t exist
I’d be caught up in the persona I exude
Unaware of compliments and curses
Heedless to any failure
And unable to bear any kind of weakness
Only focused on my own pleasure

If I were honest at what I saw
The opaque surface reflecting not distorting
Revealing every beautiful dent of individuality
Every scar and wrinkle earned
If all my glories rested in my service
All my achievements brought joy to others
I’d have seen further than mere appearance
Touched the divine connecting us


Though our eyes have never met
Put away the things you left
Celebrate this second chance
Tired feet begin to dance

May there be peace when you awaken
May there be hope in your life
May there be peace when you awaken
You and I both know
Miracles happen

Give yourself to the moment now
I will learn if you show me how
There’s no need to think this through
You’ve become what you needed to


This warmth beneath my skin
Slowly pull you in
Bathe you in fiery desires
The purest highs

Your potent infinite soul
Smoothing out my worldly edges
Dipped in the streams of passion
Your skin glistening

We’ll take this by the horns
We’ll wave goodbye bygones
We’ll pave a new start
Spontaneous art

This feeling without understanding
Diving deep and dizzy
Fulfillment never sought
Only exuberance

[ClF3 = chlorine trifluoride]