If I were kinder to myself
Maybe I could look in the mirror
And not see the flaws
Others have pointed out
Or made reference to
Without stopping to ponder
How carefully my soles touch the ground

If I were over confident
Maybe the mirror wouldn’t exist
I’d be caught up in the persona I exude
Unaware of compliments and curses
Heedless to any failure
And unable to bear any kind of weakness
Only focused on my own pleasure

If I were honest at what I saw
The opaque surface reflecting not distorting
Revealing every beautiful dent of individuality
Every scar and wrinkle earned
If all my glories rested in my service
All my achievements brought joy to others
I’d have seen further than mere appearance
Touched the divine connecting us


The Doors of Your Eyes

In the blink of an eye
Amusement to hostile
Not a flickering brow or lash
You lower your gaze
To suppress the blaze
That’s growing within

There’s no turning back
The damage is done
From here on forth, there’s peril
No warnings are sounded
Your apologies surrounded
My patience running thin

A shell of a being
Your insults mean nothing
They fall and collapse
Like heaps of burnt ash
No matter the pain
You aren’t getting in

I see as I feel
The layers I’ve peeled
To understand your view
Simple flaws I’ve dismissed
But there’s no escaping this
A sliver of light trickles through


Surely we are not spinning aimless
Volatile beings too complex to ascertain
Surely our hands have shaped the ages
Fertile minds enamored by what we attain

Surely our imperfections are exaggerated
Fed on shapes and weight and sizes
Surely we let ourselves be defeated
Broken and enslaved by our vices

Surely peace is not a lost cause
Forgiveness to soothe the malady
Surely the grit outlives the gloss
Beneath our fear lies the key