Another age passes into history
All that’s gone and faded away
Lessons learned and motives questioned
Time has healed life’s disarray

Love’s lost and decisions regretted
Attempts made without counting the cost
Dreams abandoned to disappointment
Wisdom to lay down the cross

Truth sings clearer amidst the chaos
Patience to wait fulfillment’s delay
A purpose emerges from the canvas
Will to be grateful come what may



Haze diminishes into boredom
Patient for the right emotion
Flooding into sheets of evidence 
Stifled groans of penance

Light emits heat in waves
Wary of pretentious knaves
Details tattooed into skin
Checkmate wide open king

Filing offences of varying degree
Past eyes future with envy
Let the pain run its course
Thorns inseparable from a rose


A paper with your name on it
number of years spent preparing
for where you’ll work
not to make you understand yourself better
or sharpen the skills you deem worth

Employee in the chain of productivity
first in line gets to smirk

You’ve made it
stepped over your peers
overcame the competition
now you order everyone around
make them toil for your gain
last to grab gets to beg

Piles of paper, endless texts
all in theory, nothing effects
press the buttons, stare at screen
watch where your friends have been
bills to buy junk
homes for deals sunk
pay the banks till your dying day

A paper with no name on it
life shouldn’t be to find your fit
a wager then to pause the flow
you’ll only know if you let go


All the questions every answer ought eke
Edifying love, a life sentence seek
Reverence but lack of invention
Follow suit, hook line and sinker
Do what you be

Concerned by the lack of sympathy
Watered down in practiced sincerity
Semblance of a norm
Strangling the calm
Dance to your credibility

Opportunists enamor the chase
Groomed to detect the hacks in the race
Refined by the instruction of will
Stuffed till the cup fills
Drunken gullibility


Must’ve been the dust settling
I can see clearly

Open doors, I don’t need a ceiling
You laugh, your fingers still trembling
From all that you hold
I’d like to leave you

How it all fails to inspire
The briefest instant
Everything’s perfect
You shouldn’t have hesitated

Feel the wind in my hair
Clouds part
Cease to be

Chirping birds and wind chimes
Hazy sunlight, cup of tea
Smell of wet soil, hint of jasmine
Rustling leaves whisper

The pains of saving face
Finding place
In an ocean of doubt
Plagued by guilt of seeking
Peace unconditional
Love leaves its mark in the end
While we’re still waiting to believe

Further on and then upwards
Currents too strong to disagree
Clinging to a destination distant
Laying all at stake

Must’ve been my fears dispersing
I remember me