Shades of green
Future yet unseen
Feet tap to a rhythm
Tears glisten

Diamonds on your skin
Love is worth the sting
Take the time to heal
Still rolling wheel

Fields of barley and wheat
Rebirth so sweet
Let down your hair
Believe if you dare



An ocean, I’d learn to navigate
Daily drawing charts of your tides
A mountain, I’d steadily climb
Until the peak I’d pitch my tent
A desert, no sign of rainfall
By the emptiness we’ll connect
A river, carrying everything with it
Enticing me to seek your depths
A flower, intoxicating as spring
An image I’ll never forget
A forest of mysteries and hazards
To toughen me for what you’ve prepared
A heart that never ceases to inspire
Steadfast in your will to reach higher
A love that transforms all it touches
Evoking reverence, no less


If I were kinder to myself
Maybe I could look in the mirror
And not see the flaws
Others have pointed out
Or made reference to
Without stopping to ponder
How carefully my soles touch the ground

If I were over confident
Maybe the mirror wouldn’t exist
I’d be caught up in the persona I exude
Unaware of compliments and curses
Heedless to any failure
And unable to bear any kind of weakness
Only focused on my own pleasure

If I were honest at what I saw
The opaque surface reflecting not distorting
Revealing every beautiful dent of individuality
Every scar and wrinkle earned
If all my glories rested in my service
All my achievements brought joy to others
I’d have seen further than mere appearance
Touched the divine connecting us


Wave calls to shore
Receding till the emptiness shows
Then yearning as fingers close
A union so thunderous roars

Winter and springtime, seasons of a lifetime
Sparks that turn into cleansing forest fires
Volcanoes that simmer to cold stone
Reach within to return home


Apart from the rest,
you flew
Owl on a perch,
perfect view
Staking your claim,
want not in vain
Ripe for the picking,
you knew

Time rears its head,
The voyages we planned,
Formalities to unravel,
sugar or gravel
If wishes were fulfilled,
ad hoc

A desire that remains,
The verdict is clear,
Till you are in reach,
celebrations cease
Your joy in mine,