The Awakening

If I had never laid eyes on you
seeing you wouldn’t have made any difference

If I hadn’t spent sleepless nights
trying to feed the desires you captivated
touching you wouldn’t have been cathartic

If I had never come this far
and given up at the first sign of failure
I’d never have looked into your eyes
or touched your face

I couldn’t go back to not knowing you
and all my unrest has magnified
for your presence is what I crave
your love, a safe harbour in my ocean.



Your eyes
sinking into mine
your lips
flavoring my palate
your skin
warming my flesh
your hands

Arm tucks into your hip
Thighs moving in unison
Your head on my shoulder
Lonesome paths left behind

Sketching maps to fit your geography
Your peaks and plains I define
Where you dwell I move closer
By your side, home I find


edges melt
forming puddles
your feet splash

pitstops on highways
strewn cans and faded graffiti
skid marks like scars

promises that never stuck
windows trembling in the storm
raging to flatten saplings

from a bleak cocoon
colors like scorching blood
rushing rivers as fingertips


If it was only skin and bone
Love would be as cold as stone

It’s how you think
The way that brain of yours
forms a link

Dreams you wish to bring to life
Words that fill your soul with delight

Underneath all the colors that hide
Desires that no longer can be denied

The troubles that weigh you down
Are equally mine
When you’re standing on shaky ground
Grab my line

Our paths evolve to become one
We must crawl before we run

Beyond the realm that sight affords
Where beauty is wild and overgrows
There, in that unknown experience
You make sense


some days we might break
overwhelmed by things we can’t control
fears dragging us through the dirt
our time will come

the waiting might get to our heads
running out of reasons to believe
that love will carry us through
our time will come

not to say it won’t be hard
anything worth it deserves some effort
this will demand all that you have and then some
our time will come

the beauty of taking on the unknown
against all odds that we’ll meet
never forgetting the inevitable
our time will come