Visions of your serenity
Haunt my dreams

Fingerprints float around me
Petals that soften my footfalls

Twinkle in your eye
Innocence to wait for touch

Twist in a pirouette
To a soundtrack I crave

Laughter of forest brooks
Pulling me from the depths

Embracing life without fear
A kiss worth countless deaths


some days we might break
overwhelmed by things we can’t control
fears dragging us through the dirt
our time will come

the waiting might get to our heads
running out of reasons to believe
that love will carry us through
our time will come

not to say it won’t be hard
anything worth it deserves some effort
this will demand all that you have and then some
our time will come

the beauty of taking on the unknown
against all odds that we’ll meet
never forgetting the inevitable
our time will come